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#29: Teaching Kids Food Doesn’t Come In A Box the School Grown way with Sundown Hazen

AOEW#29The world is changing, and so are the mechanics of farming. Who would have ever thought that we could actually GROW plants for consumption without the use of soil? Fish helping plants grow? That’s not traditional at all! But it is possible.


Today, I have with me Sundown Hazen, an amazing and innovative entrepreneur who is changing the landscape of growing food through aquaponics. Sundown is a self-confessed technology nerd who has embraced the science farming, focusing on sustainability. He tells me that he wants kids to know that food does not come in a box from a store! It can be grown! Inspiring, right? And I’m with him on this 100 percent! His drive to provide effective and efficient means of producing food through aquaponics is incredible!


Sundown does not only want wellness for all, but also he wants us to live inter-connectedly (did I make that word up …hmmm) in a better, healthier world! He emphasizes on adaptability and how we all could start from scratch and live with what nature has provided us right from the start. Join us on this amazing interview! You’re in for an episode filled with great information, not to mention inspiration!


Listen and be inspired:

Here are a few of my favorite parts:

  • Sundown talks about how he shifted from being a full-time tech nerd into becoming a wellness advocate and farming enthusiast
  • He tells me about the interrelations of chemistry and biology and shares how important these interrelations are. Don’t be scared by science! Sundown uses “friendly” words!
  • He talks about how he has firm beliefs that he could make a difference and engage people in learning about aquaponics
  • [20:00:00] Sundown talks about turning poison into medicine!
  • [29:15:00] You shouldn’t miss this! The Epic 8 with Sundown Hazen!
  • [29:30:00] GET HER DONE! That’s a mantra we all should have.
  • [31:00:00] How does Sundown manage being stuck? What does he do to get through it? Find out on this episode!
  • [35:40:00] And of course, Sundown Hazen’s epic uplevel and unburden


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