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#39: Morning Rituals Literally on Fire with John Lee Dumas

Epicness has taken on a humaJLD-Featuredn form, and that is in the persona of John Lee Dumas, the founder of the amazing podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. I got the chance to meet him early this year at Chris Ducker’s Tropical Think Tank conference attended in the Philippines. Needless to say, I am stoked to have him on today as a guest.

On this fabulous episode, John Lee Dumas takes on a different down side totally of his story: his life as a health buff! Yes, you read that right! On this interview, he shares with me his secrets to staying  in the game and what keeps his energy at super high levels—energy he needs in order  to keep up with the demands of being the best at what he does, and being awesome too!

After all who would JLD be without his EPIC ENERGY?!!!

He drops mega valuable knowledge bombs all over us.  You might want to put on your hard hart! So epic wells and beauties, listen in and discover what the great John Lee Dumas has up his sleeves to keep his motor running on all cylinders!


The information on this podcast is invaluable ….trust me on that JLD shares his entire morning routine which ironically starts the night before!

Are you ready to  ignite? Then listen in  show and be prepared to get  inspired!









Here are my favorite parts:

  • John Lee talks about how our needs, both physically and nutritionally, change as we age.
  • You heard Shawn Stevenson on my show, right? Guess what! He is John Lee’s health and wellness mentor too! He flew him in to San Diego to get his journey to epic wellness started! How cool is that?
  • How John Lee starts his morning—on fire, baby! I make a joke about throwing water on him lol
  • He talks about commitment—committing financially and time-wise, those are the two top things you should consider! Are you up for it?
  • Knowledge bombs left and right!
  • The Neti pot! whatttt? So trending right now! That was new info to me! Learn about it on this episode.
  • The cool (and hot) way John Lee takes his shower! Ladies, calm down. it’s PG13!
  • What does a powerhouse like John Lee Dumas have for breakfast? Can’t help but be amazed!
  • His epic mantra: If you want to be, do. Simple and EPIC!
  • The Epic 8 round with John Lee Dumas, no less! Find out what his epic uplevel and unburden are!

Listen and be inspired:


If you want to download a printable infographic of the steps we talk about:

TEXT : EPICLIFE to 33444




Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson

The Neti Pot. Get it on Amazon

The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson


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