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#57: Josh Trent | The Art of Emotional Transformation and Unpacking Pain

Josh Trent

Hello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to the second season of the Art of Epic Wellness! I’m so excited to share with you all as we lay the epic foundation to show – and what better way to open season 2 than with the amazing wellness tech expert, fitness enthusiast, and overall awesome person! Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome my good friend, Josh Trent!


I tell you, I am more pumped than ever! This is Josh’s second time on the show, and he never runs out of epicness to share with the Epic Wellness Community! On this episode, he tells me all about the challenges and emotional struggles he faced when he was younger – and then, eventually, how he realized the emotional baggage he carried was weighing him down. Listen to how he ultimately crushed these negative feelings!


Going into the wellness technology world, he realized several things that made him understand that not everything goes the way we want them to. Check out what he did to get rid of overwhelm on this interview!


So, all right, epic and wells and beauties! I won’t keep you – have fun and catch all the value bombs you can from this episode!


Listen and be inspired:



Here are a few of my favorite parts:


  • Did you know that at one time, he weighed 280 lbs? Oh my! Listen to what contributed to this and what he did to get back on track!
  • He guarded himself from three thoughts when he was a child. What are they?
  • Eventually, he learned how to unpack his negative beliefs – his emotional baggage and pain. How did he do it? Find out on the show!
  • Josh told me that he had used tools to unpack his pain. Learn what they are on this episode!
  • Of course, we talk about the field of wellness technology and how he uses it to become a better person and help others in their journey to fitness as well.
  • He tells me about this “Thou Shalt” monster! You gotta watch and listen – link in resources!
  • Listen to what Josh does to save time! Mighty useful!
  • What does THE Josh Trent do when overwhelm fills him? Find out!
  • And yes, listen to Josh’s take-action challenge to all of us! I did it right after our interview!




Twitter: @wellnessforce

Instagram: @wellnessforce and @trent_SD

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Josh Trent’s 120 Days to Wellness Program


How to Become A LION Amongst Sheep by Elliott Hulse

Box Breathing Technique


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