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#60: Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman | The Art of Living a Brilliant Life

Kathryn and JulianHello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. As you know, we started out season 2 last week – and it was an epic start, wasn’t it? Now, moving forward with laying the foundation to our epic lives, I’ve got another awesome guest for you today!

Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman of brilliantlivinghq.com joins us today and teaches us how we should all be living a brilliant life.

Kathryn was working long hours and started asking herself what she could be doing to enhance the quality of time spent every single day. Both Kathryn and Julian wanted to take control of how they lived their lives, how they spent their time, and what they did moving forward. It was an awakening for the two of them.

Once they let go of their fears and started living life brilliantly, things began to change for them. They were happier and became more inspired to touch other people’s lives. They started Brilliant Living HQ and spearheaded the Changeability podcast to encourage people, like you and me, to set goals that will totally make a difference.


Listen and be inspired:



Here are a few of my favorite parts:


  • Kathryn and Julian talked about their past careers and the struggles they faced
  • How they talked about fear and not letting this fear devour us
  • Moments that pass will never be taken back. Listen to their amazing insights about seizing opportunities!
  • “We wanted to live life at our own terms.” Find out how they eventually got out of the “box” and enjoyed life to the fullest!
  • They talk about setting goals and being kind to yourself with affirmations! Check it out!
  • How did mindfulness help Julian turn his life around? Find out on this episode!
  • They ask you, the listeners: what are your goals about?
  • What’s one way Julian deals with overwhelm? Find out!




The Changeability Podcast


Twitter: @brilliantlivinghq

The Goals Course

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller


Want more energy? Get the free resource from me, Nicole, to become more alive and present. Text ENERGYNOW and send to 33444!


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