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#82: How To Live In Prosperity And Lead A Purpose-Filled Life with Hector Santiesteban

82-hectorHello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. We’re still in season 2, digging into what makes up the foundation and fabric of our lives. Over the last two years of doing this, I have come to realized that the foundational level our habits and rituals are everything! They are key.

Today, I have with me one of the youngest guests I’ve ever had on the show.

He is only 24 years old but is already a rock star entrepreneur and is the founder of Millennial Skills, where he teaches millennials the value of hard work and money and helps them achieve their goals. Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome Hector Santiesteban!

Hector has generated almost $5 million from his sales organization in the first 3 years of his career and has worked with thousands of millennials in communication skills, goal-setting, and personal development. Talk about a model millennial! Wooh!

On this interview, we talk a lot about how he goes about his day – his rituals and habits – and how these have helped him become successful. He is one of the most awesome people I’ve ever had the chance of interviewing on the show, and I can’t wait for all of you to hear from him and learn all the great things he has to share!

Listen and be inspired:

My favorite parts:

  • I love how Hector’s mindset works. He says that your college degree doesn’t necessarily translate to success or money. You’ve got to put on the creativity and hard work!
  • He tells me that he wants to get better every day. What a mantra!
  • Building a team and working toward a unified goal is what Hector is an expert at
  • Hector also talks about Hal Elrod, his morning rituals, and meditation! Check it out!





Twitter: @MillSkillsMedia

Instagram: @millennialskills

Check out Hector’s Money Map


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