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#83: How To Meal Plan Like A Pro Can with Sam Rodgers

sam-rodgersHello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. We’re still in season 2 and we have been focusing on rituals and habits, as they make up the quality of our lives.

Today I have a wonderful guest – the Mommy Mastermind behind EatingCleanCookingDirty.com.

The idea of meal-planning was born when Sam found herself struggling to balance work and home life. She found herself eating unhealthy food and was not getting the nutrition she needed to provide her then-infant child with healthy calories. Sam became frustrated, but being the rock star that she is, she found a way through it.

Sam began preparing her meals ahead – and it became super easy and yielded positive effects both on her health and on her work-life balance! People began asking for her recipes and advice, and that’s when she realized she had the capacity to help people with their journey toward wellness through meal plans!

Listen and be inspired:

My favorite parts:

  • Did you know babies get grumpy when they don’t get the adequate amount of calories they need? Oh boy..
  • Sam was sick – up and down. Listen in to understand what I mean!
  • Home facials are always so relaxing! Sam does them too! Listen in!
  • Sam talks about Crossfit and so much more!
  • She tells me all about her routine – and I’m so amazed at how much we have in common! Check out our convo!




Get your 30-day free trial by going to www.eatingcleancookingdirty.com/epic-well

Twitter: @TheSRodgers

Instagram: @eatcleancookdirty



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