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#84: Create a Radical Vision for Your Life with Mike Merriam

mike-merriamHello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. In season 2, we are learning about the foundation of habits and rituals from the brightest, happiest, most amazing entrepreneurs – and humans – that I know!

Today’s guest is someone I adore! He is a father, a husband, an author, a biohacker, and a life enthusiast. His work is focused on showing people how to stop living in the unhappy, unfulfilled, and disengaged majority by taking the time to understand and answer Six Fundamental Questions. But that’s not where the work ends – it’s where it begins. Mike’s work has been featured on many podcasts including Business Revolution and Entrepreneur on Fire, but is best represented in his new book “Closer Than You Think” which is releasing very soon.

Epic wells, help me welcome Mike Merriam!

Listen and be inspired:

My favorite parts:

  • Did you know that Mike was diagnosed with lung cancer about two years ago? Find out what happened!
  • That story of how Mike came up with the six fundamental questions
  • Ah, filling a void in someone else that exists in you! That’s fulfilling! Listen to the full story on this episode
  • How exactly do you find your strengths? Learn from Mike Merriam!
  • Change is easy. But how do you sustain it? Check out what Mike Merriam has to say!
  • Mike talks a lot about the POSITIVE CORE. What exactly is it? Find out!




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Email Mike at mike@mikemerriam.com

Closer Than You Think: Six Fundamental Questions to Ignite Your Personal Evolution by Mike Merriam


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