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#85: Start Your Journey To Optimum Health Through Water with Ashley Strand

ashley-strandHello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. We are still in season 2, and I’m so glad you’re here with me to talk about habits and rituals as the foundation of our lives!

Today I have an awesome guest who I consider as a rockstar in the health world! She’s a self-proclaimed holistic health nut, an inspirational speaker, and a certified holistic coach who works in a cool company that specializes in water tech.

Ladies and gentlemen, help me in welcoming Ashley Strand! Ashley shares with us her expertise and knowledge about water and how you can start your journey toward the best health state you’ll ever be in through water! Yes, it sounds crazy simple – but you’ll be amazed at how much you don’t know about drinking water yet!

Listen in as she tells us her personal story and gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a “hippie”-turned-entrepreneur!

Listen and be inspired:

My favorite parts:

  • She talks about this thing called the worst PMS ever – endometriosis!
  • At first, she was crazy skeptical about water but listen to how all her views changed!
  • You gotta listen to what she means about water being the “gateway drug to health”
  • Are your cold pressed juices bottled up for too long? Check out what Ashley has to say about this!
  • I love her answers to the Epic 8 – and you better listen in to get tons of value!




Ashley Strand – Unleashing Your Dream

Type in EPIC and send to strandteam@gmail.com or text to (323) 717-7068 to get awesome water deals from Ashley!


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