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Hi, I’m Nicole Keating.

My mission is to inspire you to create a life of physical, spiritual, and emotional vitality.  Let’s see the world together in technicolor, lets get rid of what dulls our experience here in this life!

I am sure that we all have infinite capacity to change, grow, and soar in this existence, in fact once you start down this path it will blow your mind that with a joyous seeking spirit the universe will open to you like a peony(my favorite flower) in full bloom.

If you have happened upon this page it is not by accident, you are exactly where you are supposed to be ; ) We can achieve great thing through having the right mindset, but the physical body is the temple that houses the spiritual soul.  In order to thrive we need the all right inputs!

My ultimate goal is to shorten your learning curve on your quest to the  infinite, epic wellness that we all seek.  The vital ease that was once our natural state of being has eluded so many of us in this chaotic fast paced world.

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to stare at a wall for 30 minutes and unplug from everything all together ( although I’m not knocking this strategy as a valid practice) I understand the need for disseminating knowledge as it truly is power but the delivery method is key

I take a multi sensory approach to empowering health. My content will always be visually, emotionally, and energetically stimulating and will take you in the most direct route to a solution or an option upon which it becomes up to you to take action Woohoo you can do it!!

Why am I jumping into this already crowded world of health and wellness? Because having been on a personal quest to achieve better health and figure out what my body was trying to tell me.  I understand how confusing it is out there and I want to help.

My hope is to clarify and inspire empowered action takers.  I understand that to fill our human needs we hold onto limiting belief and patterns, but I also know that change can happen and its a beautiful thing when it does.


I know all about transition (my story is pretty crazy actually) change is always right around the corner its all about how you meet it… do you dance with your fear? Do you shut your eyes to all of the signals around you?  If you open them wide and take a deep breath and give power and momentum to your change with meaning the transition you are dreading can be the silver lining that catapults you beyond your wildest dreams…


So you are probably wondering how/why is an artist compelled to become a whole food and wellness advocate and it is quite a twisty and turning story. I have begun to solve my own health mysteries and I want to help others solve theirs!


My story is pretty crazy and I’ve been nervous to break it open but here goes….


I grew up in Tallahassee Florida with a great family, plenty of love support and achievement. Typical American girl ….a lucky girl.  At that time I thought everyone had what I had which I know now is not the case.


I’m eternally grateful for sharing highlights about our days, and thank yous around the dinner table san television.  My parents instilled a love of meaningful connection, intimate conversation, uninhibited expression, and mutual respect for each human life.


Of course this sheltered bubble did not last forever… I wanted to experience the world and all it had to offer regardless of the rules. I wanted to see every color and grow and learn.Nicole -680


They say (who is “they “ by the way?) that creative people are always in search of god or ecstasy I don’t think the two are really any different its all about feeling the oneness of the universe right? Not feeling alone.  The point is on this girls search for meaning there were lots of parties, adventures, mis-adventures and mishaps. Luckily none of them ended in the end….seriously.


I did finally finish college six years and a damaged liver later with a degree in hotel hospitality and an unshakable desire to change my life drastically. Something was amiss I was relentlessly unfulfilled living in Miami sooo tired of the scene.  Creatively starved.


Then I met Mark.


He was everything I was looking for a way out, a way in. Creative genius. Entrepreneur.  He had been all over the world and he wanted me to come with him!

So I moved clear across the country to Northern Cali and embarked on a new adventure.


Four year and a million amazing moments later, as we were just figuring out what the next steps to take, the world suddenly ended.  Mark had a heart attack at just 39 I found him and called 911.  He was in a coma for 3 days until they declared that he was deprived of oxygen to the brain for too long …we had to let him go….


Forced Transition…is such a violent form of change.  Immeasurable pain, guilt, confusion, anger, the feeling that no one understand me. Loss of the future, the past, the present is only pain, loss of reality and dreams broken…. Truly in every sense of the word the bottom fell out on my life.


I didn’t know it was possible to live through so much pain but you do…its crazy! Five years later I look back I know there are many silver linings too.


Here’s the good part …. you suddenly have no fear, no filter, and you don’t want to be around bs, negativity, toxic people, or waste anymore time not living in your truth or following you dreams.


My epic journey is a long and winding one …maybe there will be a book one day but for now I’ll bridge the gap to how I got into health and wellness.


After the shell-shock I left the restaurant biz and started my own. I began selling my fine art and created a therapeutic art practice called Art With Gratitude.  When you are suffering nothing is more healing than helping others. I worked one on one with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, stroke, and also with children on the autism spectrum. I used my creative gifts as an outlet to heal and help others express. It was beautiful and sometimes soul wrenching work.


I learned so much about the behaviors and the manifestations of these different states of dis-ease my clients were in.  I became fascinated with the why and dove into learning about health and wellness.  I was providing a great service to the world, but deep down I knew we had to be able to prevent and heal these debilitating diseases. I wanted to change the world not put a bandaid on it!


It was about two years after my great loss that I began to have a major health epiphany myself. I was finally feeling better spiritually having found my SGI Buddhist practice helping to deepen my connection to Mark and myself.  I was surrounded by a wonderful group of loving women supporting my every step
and mis-step, something I never knew was possible, but physically I was not feeling my best, pretty crappy in fact.


2014-10-13 20.27.53My neck, shoulder, and chest on the left side were so uncomfortably tight (ironically over my broken heart) no matter what I tried (massage, chiropractic etc) I was always feeling achy and uncomfortable in my own skin, and would have a horrifying reoccurring dreams. My hips were bothering me a lot my skin was breaking out in strange ways not to mention a whole slue of other mystery symptoms …. I felt like I was 70 years old not 30 with my whole life ahead of me. In constant pain, I felt helpless and was developing a fear of dying young too.


I decided to change my prayer…I wanted my physical health to catch up with my spiritual wellness I asked the universe to help me find an answer.  That same day I discovered a book called A Mouth Full of Poison by Dr. Myron Wentz at a friends house.

Upon opening the book I turned right to the symptoms page (so not an accident) ….oh my gosh this is me!!  I finally had my answer!

In a second I realized with my whole being that the two mercury fillings I had been carrying aro
und in my mouth were causing a myriad of strange and unending symptoms. Going through the extremely physically and emotionally traumatic grieving experience had brought these problems to the surface. Grief is super hard on your body most people don’t consider this aspect in regard to health.


It has been said that to the degree you have suffered is the degree you can feel joy, love and hope and I now believed this to be true. I also know that when we take responsibility for our own healing anything is possible!  When I stopped feeling sorry for myself and took a stand to dig until I had an answer, the universe conspired to  provide everything to me.  I know now I’m right where Im supposed to be…always


So of course I got the amalgams out my health improved dramatically.  This created a chain reaction of me drinking from a firehose (filtered water of course lol) of health and wellness information.  I was insatiable and wanted to devour and disseminate the amazing content I was learning.

podcast image

I changed my diet, cut out gluten and my health measurably increased again.  I decided this was the fork in road that leads to my bliss. I want others to feel vital too, to have their own hallelu
jah health moments and epic epiphanies.  This my calling and theres no better way to start than with a bang… The Art of Epic Wellness Podcast.  I’m ready to put it all on the line for your health!


I’m bring the experts and there wealth of knowledge right to your ears so we can learn how to thrive together as the well beings we are supposed to be.


I’m so blessed to be able to help others through their difficult transitions,  hold their hands while they step into learning and growing and taking responsibility for their own wellness.  I want to shorten the learning curve, help shift mindset, and show people they have the power to heal within!


Let me know what you need, what you want to learn, what you want to fight for. I’m your champion because we all deserve to live an epic life!  Together lets turn our obstacles into fuel to grow and thrive!







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