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#19: 5 Exercises That Help Me Deal With Overwhelm, and Keep Me Moving Forward

AOEW #19Have you ever felt like you are spinning on your very own self-created hamster wheel of overwhelm?

I have noticed myself slipping into the repetition of too much to do, too little time, and way too much stress….and that is no way to live a life of epic wellness, right?

Epic wellness should be about feeling great and loving life, and I am just a few days away from my wedding day….shouldn’t I be happier than ever?

Well to tell you the truth, planning a wedding is hard; I now understand why people joke about eloping. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and suffer from decision fatigue.

Now, you’re probably wondering what in the world is going on… I thought we were going to talk about Aquaponic farming, but as sometimes happens in life, things didn’t go the way I planned.  My well laid out strategy for this week hit a few logistical snags, and as I sat there wondering what I should do, I realized I could share my overwhelm with you, as well as my 5 favorite ways to battle overwhelm and get us back on track to epic wellness.

So today’s solo show is all about what to do when you’re up against a wall of anxiety, you’re out of bandwidth, and you’re up against an impending, immovable time crunch or you are suffering from a serious case of decision fatigue.

So here they are, in all their glory…my top 5 ways to battle overwhelm.

1. You down with OPP yeah you know me...That stands for Turning everything OFF, and putting the PEN to the PAPER

2. Bring it down to 3 baby…3 priorities that is, and I give a little hack that I use to really uplevel the motivating power of my 3 priorities

3. Now wait one mindful minute…don’t think you have time? I bet you do, this way of thinking might help

4. Chunk, chunk, chunk…this can be life changing and can help you get so much more done in less time

5. Don’t let bridezilla bring down the house! Use the 3 D’s instead…Delegate, Divide & Conquer, and Deviate if need be!

Have a listen and see if it help you step down from that hamster wheel and get back on track with your journey to epic wellness.

Tweet: What do you do to help with #overwhelm when the stakes are high and you have to perform? #AOEW @epicwell http://bit.ly/AOEW19 What do you do to help with #overwhelm when the stakes are high and you have to perform?


Here is what to expect in what I am calling Mindset May!

May 5th: Jeremy Resig – A ridiculously powerful and talented meditating musician

May 12th: We are going to learn how to feed our hustle with Adria Decorte

May 19th: We get very deep and spiritual with Keri Nola 

May 26th: You may just cry like I did as I am so moved by the courageous story of Amy Dalton’s triumph over addiction


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