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#25: Theresa Vigarino | Using Intuition & Neuroscience   to Overcome Abuse, Autoimmunity, and Trauma

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Theresa Vigarino is a Soul Warrior. She has seen grief and experienced loss, and finally decided that she was either going to have the life that she wanted, or die trying. She explains that this is when she took the power back for her own life story.

Theresa is the founder of Chrysalis Coaching Systems. She assists women who have been devastated by grief, loss, divorce or other traumatic events. She provides trauma recovery coaching, through developing a spiritual practice and personal inner connection, neuroscience and mindsets, with quantum physics and Law of Attraction, which causes expedited change and growth in a powerful, new direction.

Her story inspires us to take control of our own life story, no matter how hard our past may be. She urges that we should at now because, as she puts it, “a belief system, when believed long enough, becomes an anatomical fact in our brain.” Listen and let her story inspire you to let go of the past and create your new life story.

Listen and be inspired:


Here are a few of my favorite parts:

  • We talk about attracting and accepting the same kind of abuse over and over again
  • Theresa talks about how your body will send every signal possible when you aren’t aligned with your spirit
  • She shares her experience with an autoimmune disorder
  • Theresa talks about the moment she realized she was way more than the trauma in her life.
  • We discuss how Dr David Krueger changed her life
  • She explains how women expect to get tips on how to land the perfect guy, and then are surprised when she digs deep, and what that means
  • We go into neuroscience & manifestation as tools to help shift mindset and create a new life story
  • Her Epic 8 shares some amazing mentors, mindset shifts and beautiful inspiration.


Connect with Theresa at www.overcometrauma.com/

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Get this FREE guide to learn how to heal the emotional pain of divorce and live a life of joy and freedom in 60 days here.

Learn more about Theresa’s mentor, Dr. David Krueger, and the Art and Neuroscience of Success Strategies here. 

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