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Quantum Leap(1)

#48: The Art of the Quantum Leap | Nicole’s Journey

The year 2015 has been quite significant to me. I took major steps in a different direction. I gave up my business at the beginning of the year, I learned that I am an artist first, I took action, and [...]

Episode 45 - Kelly Exeter (1)

#45: Fear Facing, Time Is Our Friend, and the Art of White Space with Kelly Exeter

Hello there, epic wells and beauties! It’s a beautiful day to be inspired! And that’s exactly what I’m bringing to the table today! I have with me a spirit artist, fellow creative, and successful entrepreneur---the lovely Kelly Exeter. I met [...]

Credo 1

#32 : Credo Beauty Cleans Up the Skin Care & Makeup Industry with Founder Shashi Batra

Don't you just love it when the stars align and the Universe just opens up and shows you the way?! This happens to me all the time and I love it when it does. I was up in the great [...]

Merry Fun

#30: Paleo, Bliss, and Making Happiness the World’s Default with the Merrymaker Sisters

Happiness, bliss, peace of mind---that’s what everyone wants, right? But not everyone is given the chance to tap into the kind of energy to achieve these. Good news, we can all TRY and BEGIN our own personal journey toward health [...]