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#76: The Wellness & Business of Thought Leadership with Nicky Billou & Michael Palmer

Hello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. We are still in season 2, where we discuss the habits and rituals and what keeps us going - plus we listen to inspiring [...]


#47: Chris Ducker | The Art of YOU

As aspiring individuals who want to live a good life, we’ve often been told to work hard and be the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes, though, in our pursuit of entrepreneurial success, we forget that our bodies can only take [...]


#39: Morning Rituals Literally on Fire with John Lee Dumas

Epicness has taken on a human form, and that is in the persona of John Lee Dumas, the founder of the amazing podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. I got the chance to meet him early this year at Chris Ducker’s Tropical [...]