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Melanie Dewberry

#63: Melanie DewBerry | The Art of Surrender and Finding Spiritual Alignment

Hello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. Welcome back to season 2 of the Art of Epic Wellness podcast. Today, we have another repeat guest! She deserves a second one (maybe [...]

Larry Hagner(2)

#53: Larry Hagner | The Dad’s Edge: The Art of Being an Amazing Father

Hello, epic wells and beauties! I’ve got an awesome episode for you today yet again with the amazing rock star dad and movement maker, Larry Hagner! Larry is an author, speaker, a husband, and most importantly, a modern super dad! [...]

Lane Kennedy(5)

#52: Lane Kennedy-Levy | The Art of Being and Doing

“To be.” Just two words, but so powerful. Today, epic wells, is a very special day. And as you all know, it’s Spirit Artist week---and of course, I have another rad guest to speak to today. I met this amazing [...]