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#74: Reconstuction: Becoming a Life Thriver After Cancer with Melissa Weaver

Hello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to another episode of the Art of Epic Wellness. We are still in season 2, where we discuss the habits and rituals and what keeps us going - plus we listen to inspiring [...]

Larry Hagner(2)

#53: Larry Hagner | The Dad’s Edge: The Art of Being an Amazing Father

Hello, epic wells and beauties! I’ve got an awesome episode for you today yet again with the amazing rock star dad and movement maker, Larry Hagner! Larry is an author, speaker, a husband, and most importantly, a modern super dad! [...]

Jon Vroman

#50: Jon Vroman | The Art of Living Life in the Front Row

Hello, epic wells and beauties! It’s Movement Maker week, and I am so excited to have a rock star movement maker with me today! I’ve heard him speak a couple of times, and I can’t help but get blown away [...]

Luis Congdon

#49: Luis Congdon | The Art of Loving

Hello, epic wells and beauties! It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning, and guess what - it’s Spirit Artist week here on the Art of Epic Wellness podcast. For today’s episode, get ready to be super inspired! My guest today has been [...]

Credo 1

#32 : Credo Beauty Cleans Up the Skin Care & Makeup Industry with Founder Shashi Batra

Don't you just love it when the stars align and the Universe just opens up and shows you the way?! This happens to me all the time and I love it when it does. I was up in the great [...]

Melanie Dewberry podcast

#9: Melanie Dewberry | Good Medicine: How to honor your value system by giving it a name

We all have a manifesto just waiting to be written. We have values, ideals and beliefs that should never be compromised.  In this episode, Melanie Dewberry helps us be bold when it comes to putting a name to who we [...]

AOEW episode 8

#8: Transforming Grief | My 5 Year Journey Back to a Life I Love

For anyone who has experienced some type of grief, large or small, you need time. For me, I needed almost 5 years. Because grieving isn't just about acceptance and moving on, I truly believe it's about thriving again. So today we [...]