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Josh Trent

#57: Josh Trent | The Art of Emotional Transformation and Unpacking Pain

Hello, epic wells and beauties and welcome to the second season of the Art of Epic Wellness! I’m so excited to share with you all as we lay the epic foundation to show - and what better way to open [...]

Solo CarCast

#42: Solo CarCast | Mini Emotional Breakdown, Self-Awareness, and the Art of Needles with Nicole Keating

The last few weeks have been cray cray!  Mercury is in retrograde apparently and both Dr. Wayne Dyer my epic mentor as well as Scott Dinsmore another inspiring mentor passed away unexpectedly in the span of a few weeks.  Very [...]

AOEW #19

#19: 5 Exercises That Help Me Deal With Overwhelm, and Keep Me Moving Forward

Have you ever felt like you are spinning on your very own self-created hamster wheel of overwhelm? I have noticed myself slipping into the repetition of too much to do, too little time, and way too much stress....and that is no way [...]