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Lane Kennedy(5)

#52: Lane Kennedy-Levy | The Art of Being and Doing

“To be.” Just two words, but so powerful. Today, epic wells, is a very special day. And as you all know, it’s Spirit Artist week---and of course, I have another rad guest to speak to today. I met this amazing [...]

Episode 45 - Kelly Exeter (1)

#45: Fear Facing, Time Is Our Friend, and the Art of White Space with Kelly Exeter

Hello there, epic wells and beauties! It’s a beautiful day to be inspired! And that’s exactly what I’m bringing to the table today! I have with me a spirit artist, fellow creative, and successful entrepreneur---the lovely Kelly Exeter. I met [...]


#41: Dr. Wayne Dyer | My Original Mentor Part 1 with Nicole Keating

Today’s episode is really close to my heart. It’s a bit sad, yet I am happy at the same time to share epic lessons. This week we are getting in touch with our inner wisdom---the I that is “I am!” [...]


#36: Using Meditation as a Tool for Your Life with Julianna Raye

With the changing world and our busy lives, don’t you ever feel like you’re just chasing your own tail? Like, you’re running a race and you don’t even know where and when it ends? It’s overwhelming at times, I know! [...]